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What's Happening This Month?

A Chinese Remedy Receives High Recommendation 📚

The thrilling suspense, intriguing characters, and cultural elements make this book a must-read for those who enjoy a good mystery with an unpredictable twist.

Christina Froekjaer, Indepedent Book Reviewer

Begin the Mercenaries in Suits series with Book 1, A Chinese Remedy, and join part-time fixer Chance Yang in a world of mystery and mayhem in this 2023 Readers' Favorite Book Award Urban Fiction finalist.

April Cool Picks 😎

Thriller Mystery of the Month

At First Sight by Sharon Michalove

A former spy now working for a global security company, Max Grant has always steered clear of relationships—until now… A man with secrets pursues a woman who hates them…

Epic Fantasy of the Month

Bane of Ashkarith by Ariel Paiement

Acclaimed archaeologist Kaidan Tadegan is cursed with curiosity. Sponsored by the King of Alcardia himself, the adventurous explorer longs to decipher the 2000-year-old mystery behind an infamous clash of the gods…

Art Heist Mystery of the Month

Tangled in the Web by Jeff Stanger

Beat up. Burned down. Blackmailed. Quick is having a bad week. His shop has burned to the ground. He's being blackmailed by a mysterious organization called Satellite…

Coming of Age Fantasy of the Month

Desolation by Starr Z. Davies

Paige and Gavin Powers are unique. It's in their very DNA – a gift from their legendary father, the current Minister and Hero of Elpis. But the two are nothing alike…

Cosy Mystery of the Month

Resorting to Murder by Gail Hulnick

What business secrets are behind the disappearance of a celebrity chef from the beaches of a Caribbean island right before an important cooking competition?

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Huabobo Art 🎨

In All Body Bags and No Knickers, Catherine meets a girl whose mother runs a bakery and is also a huabobo artist. Many have asked me what such an artist does; they make colourful pastries using flour and natural pigments for celebratory causes. Below is a fancy huabobo artwork depicting the Year of the Dragon with the Chinese Zodiac.

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