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What's Happening This Month?

Princess Rouran Book 1 Hits Amazon Best Seller Ranks! 🎉

PR1 also hit a few top spots in several book subcategories. If you haven't read the story, pick up your copy and join the adventure today!

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February Cool Picks 😎

Suspense Thriller of the Month

The Voice Hearer by Michael Flavin 

Dr Robert Field is a psychotherapist with something to prove. He meets Victor Harrow, a schizophrenic and a voice hearer, incarcerated for killing his father and his adopted sister…

Crime Thriller of the Month

The Mardi Gras Murders by Jemma Stark

For years, a sadistic murderer has used the revelry of Mardi Gras to hide in plain sight, claiming vulnerable victims in the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter. This shadowy figure has long eluded capture, taunting the FBI with each crime…

Action Thriller of the Month

The Mazatlan Showdown by Patrick Weill 

Champion surfer Jeff Walker relocates to sunny San Diego to find his father’s killer and secures a job as a beach lifeguard when a rescue mission at sea hurls him into the sticky web of an international smuggling ring…

Literary Mystery of the Month

The Learning Curve of Pain by Shawe Ruckus

When part-time fixer Chance Yang is enlisted to investigate a pair of suspicious deaths, the trails lead him from the sunny shores of Spain to the posh boroughs of London…

Private Investigator Mystery of the Month

Deadwood's Hotel Mystery by Peyton Dinwiddie

Private investigator Marcus Lynette, adept at unearthing age-long secrets, steps into the abyss to confront the darkness shrouding Deadwood…

Dark Fantasy of the Month

A Kiss of Daggers by Christopher D. Schmitz

Blood. Elves. And Duels. This is Arcadeax: a mystic land of honor, intrigue, and spellpunk arcana…

YA Fantasy of the Month

Shackles of Guilt by Kris Ruhler

Young and ambitious Earmon climbed the ladder in Levitor City. As the Queen’s topmost advisor, he has everything he’s ever dreamed of—except for Princess Zenithia’s love…

Action Thriller of the Month

Betrayal is Beautiful by Andy Slade

When John Chayne, a handsome, tall, and mysterious MIA from the Iraq War, is spotted by an ex-member of his old platoon, he is forced to leave the farming family he's lived with for two years…

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