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Something Sweet - Dog Gone Troubles by Karen McSpade 

A fun, heartwarming, paranormal, cosy mystery with charming characters that will keep you spellbound!

Something Scary - Ask For Andrea by Noelle W. Ihli

James Carson has gotten away with murder three times. The only thing that might stop him from killing again? The three women he murdered.

Something Special - All Body Bags and No Knickers by Shawe Ruckus

On the annual Ghost Night when spirits wander, newlyweds Catherine Roxborough and her partner Chance Yang never imagined death would stalk their summery seaside destination… When three naked bodies were discovered, was it murder, an act of revenge, or an affair gone wrong?

Something Spicy - The Stick - A Short Story by Vineet Verma

A simple night of pleasure and the nightmare that followed… Back on duty in Wichita, Homicide Detective Paul Conley is called in to investigate a fatal stabbing.

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What Critics and Readers Have to Say

"The mixture of time travel, mythology, SF tropes, and a spirited youngster in the lead makes for a truly wild narrative."Kirkus Reviews

"This is a thoughtful story about choosing empathy and hope in a world of grief and intolerance written with eloquent language and Alice-in-Wonderland-like flair." IndieReader

"If you love adventure stories featuring dragons, shamans, talking cats, and other fantastical elements, this will be just up your alley." Readers' Favorite

"Deeply meaningful and with a blend of needed fantasy, the story flows in a wonderful spectrum of events." Amazon

"This is an intriguing and action-packed novel. I was entertained as much as I was compelled to think about the faults, failures, and triumphs of humanity."OnlineBookClub

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