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The Real Shawe Ruckus ✍️

March is my birth month, so here is a glimpse into the Writer behind the Cat.

Shawe Ruckus is a globetrotter born in Inner Mongolia. Having woven a rich tapestry of experiences from my diverse residencies - including China, the UK, Austria, South Korea, Switzerland and Japan - I bring a unique medley of humour, suspense and everyday life to my stories.

Having attended King's College London and the University of Cambridge as a first-generation student, I also took courses at the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in London, where Agatha Christie learnt how to poison. When not writing, I indulge in culinary adventures, offer mentorship sessions, and persistently attempt to cultivate a green thumb in my garden. 🪴

The next book in my Mercenaries in Suits series is coming up. If you want to read it for free before the rest of the world does, join my ARC team on BookSirens!

March Cool Picks 😎

Travelogue Mystery of the Month 

Peril on the Peninsula by Theresa L Carter

Blackmail. Betrayal. Murder. This is not the job Alex remembered… Peril on the Peninsula is the first book in the Alex Paige Travel Mysteries Series. If you love engaging characters, dastardly villains, and armchair travel, you'll love Theresa L. Carter's debut novel.

Urban Fantasy of the Month

Bound by Sorcery by Antara Mann

Bound by Sorcery is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure featuring a kick-ass heroine, a hot hero, mystery, and lots of magic. Fans of C.N. Crawford, Ella Summers and Linsey Hall will likely enjoy this series.

Cosy Mystery of the Month

A Lesson in Murder by Maya Wong

Bookshop owner Sarah never expected to find a dead body at her former high school. She has to solve this mystery quickly before it becomes her final chapter…

Dark Fantasy of the Month

Daughter of Orpheus by H. C. Southwark

Daughter of Orpheus is a rousing apocalypse dark fantasy set in ancient Greece before Homer put pen to paper, following a young woman of divine parentage as she seeks her place in the coming new world.

YA Mystery of the Month

Crime, Clues, and a Curious Fat Cat by Lizzi London

AJ, a curious fat cat, has a secret - Aunt Jayne’s spirit resides in this fluffy feline. Together with her human, bookstore owner Stacey Knight, they form a remarkable sleuthing team who can telepathically communicate…

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Travelling Through Minds 🗺️

Mark Twain believed that travel has the power to eliminate prejudice and narrow-mindedness. By exploring new lands and cultures, one can broaden their horizons and appreciate diversity. If you enjoy books and stories, why not embark on a literary journey to discover your next holiday destination? By reading narratives from around the world, you can ignite your imagination, wanderlust, and find the perfect haven for your next adventure.

Terra Incognita TalesTerra Incognita Tales: Unveiling the world's hidden gems through offbeat itineraries and tales of exploration.

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