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Ruckus News! All Body Bags and No Knickers rated IndieReader's 'Best Reviewed Books of October'! ✨

The book was also the #1 bestseller on the OBC App for Crime/Thrillers/Mystery/Horror two months in a row.

With memorable characters, immersive descriptions, and astonishingly clever sleights of hand, ALL BODY BAGS AND NO KNICKERS is a literary mystery, a travel guide, and a delicious thriller standing on each other’s shoulders in a trench coat.

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The Spy of Escondida by Lottie Morgan

It was supposed to be a one-time job, but it was only the beginning...

Killer Accommodations by Wynn Kelly

An inheritance is bursting at the seams with forgotten treasures and deadly secrets…

The Void - by Luna Fox & F. Lowberry 

Ludovic Stone was the arms-bearer and right-hand of Archmage Alastor an Ulbrecht and Sorceress Lianna…

Garden of Lies by Jemma Stark

FBI Agent Briana Song must untangle the web of deceit in the Garden District to find the truth behind a billionaire's death before the lies bury her case for good…

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